The Strange Bowl with a Hole

Book 2 Available Now!

Join Violet and her sausage dog, Bruce, on another fun and mischievous adventure.
Violet sees her Daddy sitting on a Strange Bowl; as he gets up and pushes a shiny lever, loud sounds SPLURT and WHOOSH out from its hole! Puzzled, Violet calls on Bruce for help and together they embark on another mission of mischief to investigate what happens to, The Strange Bowl with a Hole, when the lever is pushed.
Bruce loves to help his best friend Violet, but during this adventure he may have second thoughts after he finds himself wet and spinning around the bowl in the dead of night! Who will save him!? And will Violet and Bruce accomplish their mission?
This is Book 2 in The Adventures of Violet and Bruce children book series:


Published by The Adventures of Violet and Bruce

Children's Book Series.

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