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My name is Lesley and I am the author of a children’s book series titled, The Adventures of Violet and Bruce. I have taken inspiration from my own life as a Mama to a sassy little girl and a cheeky sausage dog! Violet and Bruce are 100% real and they 100% drive me crazy on a daily basis. I laugh out loud at their antics and occasionally cry (only when they both cock their legs to wee in the house). It is a unique and hilarious relationship that inspired me to write these stories.

As an author, this is my first publication. I am passionate about reading and writing with ambitions of not only publishing the Violet and Bruce series but other fun and creative works. I guess part of that ambition is coming to life right now! Thank you for your interest, support or purchase. I welcome your feedback… Please be kind but honest. Contact me via our Instagram page (<<< LINKED) or email: lesley@lathompsonbooks.com.

Destroying the Noise Machine is Book 1 in the series and is available to purchase on my website or via Amazon and Waterstones.

The Strange Bowl with a Hole is available via my website, Amazon or Waterstones; it can also be downloaded as an ebook on Kindle Unlimited.

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